Clinical Track

Digital pathology, including whole slide imaging (WSI), has many proven applications today in the local, national and international pathology community. Many users are engaged in intraoperative consultation, 2nd opinion consultations, and quality reviews using digital images. With FDA approval of two systems for primary diagnosis, there is a clear direction towards wider adoption of WSI for clinical use in the USA. This coupled with exciting advances in technologies including improvements in hardware and software have now paved the way the evolution of digital pathology and a true revolution in its adoption for clinical use. Digital pathology is now available to more and more national and global users with improved and automated pathology workflow and enhanced algorithm capabilities. The clinical track at this year’s Pathology Visions will feature presentations and workshops by national and global leaders with experience and understanding of implementation of digital pathology solutions and the challenges and barriers they faced and are facing as they roll out these solutions in their various environments. The two workshops will focus on the experience of implementing digital pathology in a large academic center in Leeds, and on the economics of moving into a digital pathology world.  This track will also feature new technologies that are making their way into the clinical arena and highlight the importance of connecting the research, academic and industry players to keep moving forward with the common goal of bringing digital pathology into the mainstream clinical environment. This track will stimulate, engage and excite attendees as we see the evolution of digital pathology and anticipate a revolution in our day-to-day practice of Pathology.

Education and Research Track

This year, the education and research track offers workshops and talks that will illustrate novel, cutting edge technology and unique strategies from both industry and academia. Distinguished speakers, leading scientists, and renowned entrepreneurs will share their experiences with digital pathology related to education and research. Key topics to be presented include image analysis, artificial intelligence and deep learning.  The workshop on ‘Deep learning 101” promises to be of interest to everyone, from novices to experts in the field.  The workshop on “Using whole slide images for pathology education” will assist educators in all fields and at every level of training to improve their educational offerings with digital tools. This track will focus on the evolution of research and education in a digital world that are revolutionizing the way we move pathology forward by identifying new information and sharing it with the next generation.

October 6-8 | Orlando, FL
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