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3DHISTECH is a leader company in digital pathology, developing and manufacturing brightfield, fluorescent and confocal digital slide scanners with award-winning quality and speed, a complete digital slide software application portfolio, and tissue microarray hardware. In 2012, 3DHISTECH has won in 5 out of 9 categories at the International Scanner Contest, including scanning speed, image quality, and image analysis software.

CIMTEC helps researchers, start-ups and small to medium-sized companies translate their medical imaging innovations into commercial products for clinical use. Our select group of engineers has experience designing and developing hardware and software prototypes and commercial products. We have expertise in the specialized areas of image processing and analysis, 3D visualization, mechatronics design, systems design and clinical validation, including image-guided interventions and digital pathology.

Corista provides complete digital pathology solutions reading images from any WSI scanner.  By ensuring specialists can read remote cases in real time globally, referral networks are strengthened and patient care improved. The platform’s workflow with collaboration includes Synoptic reports and provides Search across the Image Repository. Search fields include physician notes, metadata and synoptic reports with result sets including images.

Dage-MTI provides advanced-technology digital cameras, monitors, and software for digital pathology.   A new line of HD real-time cameras are ideal for co-observation, live cell imaging, classroom teaching, review boards, remote collaboration and telepathology.

Definiens is the leading provider of image analysis and data mining solutions for life sciences, tissue diagnostics and clinical digital pathology. Definiens software provides detailed cell-by-cell readouts from target structures on whole tissue slides, and allows the correlation of this information with data derived from other sources, generating new knowledge and supporting better decisions in research, diagnostics and therapy.

EMC Isilon, is the global leader in scale-out storage. We deliver powerful yet simple solutions for enterprises that want to manage their data, not their storage. Isilon’s products are simple to install, manage and scale, at any size. Learn what we mean at www.emc.com/Isilon.

ID/Positive™ is a family of products that enable labs to utilize barcode technology to identify and track tissue specimens throughout their lab processes, from receipt to archiving.  ID/Positive cassette labelers and slide printers mark cassettes and slides with permanent, high-resolution barcodes that scan quickly and reliably, and withstand lab processes and protocols.  Using ID/Positive, labs can improve efficiencies, streamline and optimize their workflow, and eliminate errors caused by specimen misidentification.  General Data Healthcare, Inc.  http://www.general-data.com/healthcare

Hamamatsu Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (Japan). We manufacture the NanoZoomer instruments for whole slide scanning in both brightfield and fluorescence applications. The NanoZoomer converts glass slides into digital slides quickly and accurately, making it perfect for viewing and analyzing slide-mounted tissue at any resolution. It delivers reliable scanning 24/7/365 in brightfield or fluorescence at the touch of a button.

Huron Technologies is a global leader in the digital pathology market. Since 1994, Huron Technologies has been providing advanced confocal fluorescence and brightfield microscopy solutions. Huron’s new TISSUEscope™ HS slide scanner for pathology labs is the fastest on the market.  Its multiple awards winning flagship product, TISSUEscope™ 4000, is a high-resolution and versatile platform capable of imaging specimens up to 8"x6" (200mmx150mm).

Specializing in analysis of whole slide images captured from digital pathology platforms, Indica Labs’ HALO image analysis platform combines powerful tissue analytic capabilities with unmatched speed and ease-of-use.  The HALO tool set includes industry leading applications for oncology, neuroscience, ophthalmology, metabolic disorders, toxicological pathology, and many more.  For novel applications, Indica Labs can develop customized, affordable image analysis solutions to address analysis requirements.

Leica Biosystems is a global leader in laboratory workflow solutions for anatomic pathology, striving to advance cancer diagnostics to improve patients’ lives. Recognizing there is a shortage of Pathology expertise worldwide, Leica Biosystems expanded its capability in pathology imaging with Aperio ePathology Solutions, enabling greater access for Pathologists through market leading whole slide scanners, Network solutions that enable remote, real-time viewing and easy distribution of images for collaboration, and Precision image analysis solutions to improve clinical and research productivity, reproducibility, and consistency.

MetaSystems provides fast, easy-to-use genetic imaging and high-throughput slide scanning systems: IKAROS for automatic karyotyping, flexible analysis reporting, ISIS offers FISH imaging, CGH, mFISH, Telomere management, and high resolution color banding analysis. METAFER metaphase finder supports fully automatic slide analysis, spot counting, rare cell detection, metaphase search, virtual slide scanning in Transmitted and Fluorescent Light. XCyte DNA probes are available. Please visit our website www.metasystems.org.

Meyer Instruments, Inc. for over 27 years has provided state of the art microscopes, scanners, cameras and imaging software to pathologists, researchers and clinicians across the US. Thousands have purchased our patented PathScan Enabler for incredibly fast scans of 1 x 3” tissue slides. Our latest endeavor is the already successful Realtime Telepathology Imaging System TM (RTIS TM) that provides high definition communication of diagnostic quality images between pathologists in realtime. See www.meyerinst.com and www.realtimetelepathology.com for more information.

My Care Solution announces the release of The ION LMD Pro Laser Microdissection Device which enables the pure selection of desired cells from diminutive samples. The system uses intuitive software, morphological identification of target cells and precision robotics.  The assortment of features enable a wider number of clinical and basic research applications, including fluorescence labeling, live cell capture, DIC and other optics.

NovoPath’s Anatomic Pathology Information System is streamlined to provide functionality to laboratories that utilize a combination of digital slide technology and information technology as a competitive edge.  The combination enables one to view digitized images and conveniently capture all relevant patient and diagnostic information.  NovoPath™ offers dedicated modules for Flow Cytometry and Cytogenetic testing and offers full HL7 connectivity to an array of EMR systems

The National Society for Histotechnology is a non-profit organization, committed to the advancement of histotechnology, its practitioners and quality standards of practice through leadership, education and advocacy.

Visit NSH booth for information on membership, Awards & Scholarships, continuing education and discounted textbooks and other resources related to Histotechnology.

Objective Imaging offers solutions for high-performance slide scanning and automated microscopy applications, including stand-alone scanners as well as add-on kits that can be used with traditional microscopes.  The Glissando slide scanner platform provides simple entry-level WSI acquisition, while our Surveyor software offers advanced capabilities including whole-slide 3D and multichannel fluorescence mosaic acquisition.  Objective Imaging is also a leading provider of automation components for OEM applications.

Olympus is a precision technology leader, creating innovative opto-digital solutions in healthcare, life science and consumer electronics products. Olympus provides innovative microscope imaging solutions for doctors, clinicians, researchers, and educators. Olympus microscope systems offer unsurpassed optics, superior construction and system versatility to meet the ever-changing needs of microscopists.

Orchard® Pathology is a comprehensive information system designed to meet the future trends in pathology and handle the complexities of clinical, molecular, and pathology testing and reporting.  Orchard Pathology is a stand-alone system for anatomic and molecular or combined with Orchard® Harvest™ LIS to integrate clinical.  This provides access to the patient’s entire history and enables the consolidation of all results on a single report.

PathXL provide innovative web-based software for digital pathology for education, biobanking, research and clinical sectors worldwide.  Our technology increases efficiency by enabling collaboration, image-analysis and sharing within the Pathology community.  The architecture of the software platform will grow with your Laboratory as pathology moves into the era of personalized molecular medicine. 

PerkinElmer offers digital pathology solutions including multimodal whole slide imagers designed to meet the changing needs of research. These high speed, award winning scanners preserve the virtual slide without risk of fading or loss through damage, create high quality images, enable slides to be shared electronically and most importantly, allow quantitative analysis and comparison of different markers in the same tissue.   Visit www.perkinelmer.com/digitalpathology for more information.

Designed around the needs of pathologists, Philips offers an integrated Digital Pathology Solution. The solution comprises of the Philips Ultra Fast Scanner (UFS) and the Philips Image Management System (IMS). At Pathology Visions, we will demonstrate our Philips IMS Viewer.
Visit us and learn more about our easy-to-use solution and its smart tools that enable seamless integration and fast collaboration with colleagues anywhere in the world.

Remote Medical Technologies, LLC (formerly Remote Meeting Technologies) provides secure, high performance telepathology solutions for LIVE 1080p HD Image Collaboration.  No specimen is too big or too small. All micro and macro specimens can safely and securely be broadcast LIVE for concurrent interactive web browser participation. Our easy to use compact iMedHD™ is the ideal solution for cost effective, HIPAA compliant, real-time High Definition sharing of images over the Internet.

We provide digital slide management software, image analysis applications and cloud hosting services that make Digital Pathology affordable for practice of any size. Our servers support seamless connection to most slide scanners and can be deployed in the cloud or at client’s datacenter. Our technology delivers unified digital pathology solutions across multiple locations and helps expand business beyond geographic boundaries. Visit http://web-pathology.net  for details.

SPOT Imaging Solutions is a manufacturer of imaging systems for pathology. SPOT digital cameras for microscopes are well known for quality publication and documentation images. SPOT PathStand™ and PathStation™ macro imaging systems make image capture easy in the grossing room. All imaging systems include software that provides on-screen preview, annotation, teleconferencing, measurement, reporting and LIS integration with a simple interface. 

Visit us at www.spotimaging.com/pathology.

Sunquest CoPathPlus™ and PowerPath® are comprehensive and innovative diagnostic solutions that support the unique workflow requirements of anatomic pathology labs. Features include sophisticated data and specimen management, integrated dashboards, and reporting tools to streamline workflows and improve patient care. These solutions focus on ease of use with case-centric views and allow for easy point-and-click access to critical information needed during case review and sign-out.

Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (VMSI), a member of the Roche Group, innovates and manufactures instruments and reagents that automate tissue processing and slide staining for cancer diagnostics. VENTANA solutions are used in clinical histology and drug development research laboratories worldwide. The company’s intuitive, integrated staining and workflow management platforms support diagnosis and inform treatment decisions for anatomic pathology professionals.

Over the past 12 years, Visiopharm image analysis and stereology software has become the preferred Quantitative Digital Pathology solution for leading biopharmaceutical companies, clinical researchers, and academic researchers all over the world. Our software is featured in over 450 scientific publications, and is compatible with leading slide scanner manufacturers, data management software, and a wide variety of microscopes and cameras.  In 2012, Visiopharm introduced an innovative new approach to Quantitative Digital Pathology with the APPCenter and the delivery of our software in the Cloud.

XIFIN is revolutionizing the business of diagnostic healthcare, from patient to payment. The XIFIN cloud-based technology platform delivers XIFIN’s revenue cycle management, LIS, digital consultation forum, and other apps through an open, secure exchange of diagnostic, financial, and clinical information. With the PathCentral acquisition, XIFIN advances its support of the diagnostic convergence between the laboratory, anatomic pathology, radiology and other providers to increase revenues, improve operating efficiencies, and ultimately, to improve health outcomes and lower the costs of healthcare management.

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