The DPA developed a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator as a companion tool to provide an exhaustive list of the necessary concepts needed when assessing the financial implications of transitioning to a digital pathology system.


This dynamic ROI calculator integrates relevant cost and cost-saving components associated with digital pathology implementation and maintenance. Considerations include factors such as digital pathology infrastructure, clinical operations, staffing, hardware and software, information technology, archive and retrieval, medical-legal, and potential reimbursements.


The ROI calculator offers a comprehensive, customizable tool for institutions to assess their anticipated upfront and ongoing annual costs as they start or expand their digital pathology journey. It also offers cost savings analysis based on specific user case volume, institutional geographic considerations, and actual costs.


This tool is intended to estimate the potential costs and cost savings resulting from the transition to digital pathology for business plan justifications and return on investment calculations.


Disclaimer: The DPA ROI Calculator is for educational purposes only. The results are estimates based on the information you provide and may not reflect actual results. The results of the calculations are not a promise or guarantee for a specific product or service. The Digital Pathology Association is not responsible for the content, results, or accuracy of the information on the calculators. The calculations are hypothetical examples designed to illustrate the impact of digital pathology. The examples are not representative of any specific company or product. Actual results will vary.