Beyond the Scope


The DPA is thrilled to announce the launch of Beyond The Scope, a new podcast focusing on the hot topics in digital pathology. Co-hosts Dr. Giovanni Lujan (OSUWMC) and Dr. David Tulman (Instapath) converse with the key opinion leaders in an engaging format discussing all of the new research, technology, and workflows emerging in digital pathology. Beyond The Scope aims to cover specific topics ranging from artificial intelligence to computational pathology, whole slide imaging to in/ex-vivo microscopy, regulation and commercialization, and more!


If you are interested in being a guest on Beyond The Scope, or have requests for topics the podcast should cover, please submit the request form, HERE.


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Episode 4 - Joe Lennerz, MD, PhD | MGH (posted February, 2021)
Joe Lennerz is the Director of the Center of Integrated Diagnostics at Massachusetts General Hospital and a founding member of The Alliance for Digital Pathology. Dr. Lennerz sits down with Giovanni and David to discuss innovating in the digital pathology space, regulatory science related to digital pathology, and the initiatives of The Alliance. For more resources on Dr. Lennerz's work and how to get involved with The Alliance for Digital Pathology, please click here
  • Joe Lennerz introduction and background (4:38)
  • Implementing innovative diagnostics in clinical practice (6:35)
  • Formation of The Alliance for Digital Pathology and applying regulatory science to digital pathology innovation (20:23)
  • Current goals and initiatives directed by The Alliance (27:29)
  • Getting involved with The Alliance and how to connect with key stakeholders in digital pathology innovation (32:25)



Episode 3 - Michael Rivers | Roche; DPA Immediate Past President (posted January, 2021)

Michael Rivers just completed his term as DPA president and joins David and Giovanni to discuss the numerous initiatives in which the DPA was involved while navigating COVID-19. Plus, he gives an industry perspective on the future of the digital pathology industry.



Episode 2 - Anil Parwani, MD, PhD, MBA | Ohio State University; DPA President (posted December, 2020)

Dr. Anil Parwani (OSUWMC) joins the show to share why he chose to pursue a career focusing on digital pathology and gives advice to departments looking to start a digital pathology program.



Episode 1 - An Introduction 

Dr. Giovanni Lujan and Dr. David Tulman preview the concept of the podcast, discuss their backgrounds in digital pathology, and project the future of pathology.