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September 20 | Promoting Sustainable Academic-Industry Partnership in the Era of DP & AI

Featuring: Dr. Marilyn Bui, Moffitt Cancer Center; Dr. Chhavi Chauhan, ASIP, Dr. Ehab ElGabry, Akoya Biosciences; Dr. Liron Pantanowitz, University of Michigan; Dr. Sury Vepa, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences 


July 20 | Role of a Professional Association in Today’s Healthcare Environment

Featuring: DPA President Esther Abels, Visiopharm; Dr. Daniel Gonzalez, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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June 22 | Lessons from the first FDA Approval of an AI Tool in Diagnostic Pathology (jointly presented with PIcc)

Featuring: the FDA, Mayo Clinic, and Paige 

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May 17 | AI Ethics: Healthcare Lessons to Guide Pathology Practice

Featuring: Dr. Chhavi Chauhan, ASIP; Dr. Rama Gullapalli, University of New Mexico


April 28 | Social Media & Digital Pathology: Keys to a Successful Marriage

Featuring: Dr. Jonhan Ho, UMPC; Dr. Nicole Riddle, Ruffolo, Hooper, and Associates



November 10 | The Role of Digital Pathology in Addressing Health Inequities

Featuring: Dr. Oyedele Adeyi, University of Minnesota Medical School; Dr. Catarina Eloy, Ipatimup Diagnostics; Dr. Lewis Hassell University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center; Dr. Dan Milner, American Society for Clinical Pathology; Dr. Kamran Mirza, Loyola University Medical Center

September 30 | Validation of Artificial Intelligence-Based Tools in Digital & Computational Pathology

Featuring: Liron Pantanowitz, MD, University of Michigan; Dr. Judith Sandbank, MD, Maccabi Healthcare Services; Ibex; Mariano de Socarraz, CorePlus


August 5 | Federated Learning for Healthcare

Featuring: Faisal Mahmood, PhD, Brigham and Women's Hospital; Vishwesh Nath, PhD, Nvidia; Rajendra Singh, MD, Northwell Health


June 16 | Applications of Digital Pathology & Artificial Intelligence in Toxicologic Pathology

Featuring: Julie Boisclair, DVM, DES, MSc, Diplomate ACVP, Diplomate ABT, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research; Pierre Moulin, MD, PhD, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research; Chandra Saravanan, DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACVP, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research


April 22 | Enabling Interoperability for Digital and Computational Pathology in the Age of Artificial Intelligence – Current Status & Future Directions

Featuring: Dr. Markus Daniel Herrmann, MGH; Raj Dash, Duke University Health System; David de Mena, Andalucia Public Health System; Nick Haarselhorst, Philips; Dr. Craig Sayers, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust; Dr. Joachim Schmid, Roche

February 23 | A Panel Discussion by Chairs of Academic Pathology on Digital Pathology Implementation for Clinical Use

Featuring: Sylvia Asa, MD, PhD, UHCMC; Wendy Frankel, MD, OSU; David Klimstra, MD, MSKCC; Victor Prieto, MD, PhD, MDACC   



November 19 | DPA and Alliance - Same Same but Different?
Michael Rivers, Roche; John Wellbank, Epredia; Esther Abels, Visiopharm; Jochen Lennerz, MD, PhD, MGH; Hetal Marble, PhD, MGH   


September 16 | How close are we to digital pathology without glass slides?

Featuring: Richard Torres, MD, MS; Yale School of Medicine 


June 4 | Lessons learned from autopsies of COVID-19: deadly disease courses due to (micro-)angiopathy and thrombosis
Featuring: Prof. Dr. med. Alexandar Tzankov; University Hospital Basel


April 30 | Adapting and Preparing for Remote Digital Signout During the Time of COVID-19
Featuring: Matthew Hanna, MD; MSKCC & Douglas Hartman, MD; UPMC


March 31 | Digital Pathology Tools for Education (that every pathology department should know about)
Featuring: Matthew Hanna, MD; MSKCC & Raj Singh, MD; Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai


February 5 | Midas touch or fool's gold: can digital pathology capture the $223 billion digital health market? 
Featuring: Richard Huang, MD; Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School 




December 4 | The Alliance – A Regulatory Science Initiative to Move the Field of Digital Pathology.ML.AI. forward
Featuring: Joe Lennerz, MD, PhD; Massachusetts General Hospital


September 12 | Creation of a Fully Digitized Network with Consistent Web-communication to Cover Pathology Diagnosis and Education - Introduction of Nagasaki-Kameda NET
Featuring: Junya Fukuoka, MD, PhD; Nagasaki University


April 4 | Digital Pathology in 2025
Featuring: Liron Pantanowitz, MD; UPMC




December 14 | An Overview of Regulations and Standards & Their Impact on Interoperability and Algorithms
Featuring:  Esther Abels, PathAI and Joachim Schmid, Roche Tissue Diganostics


July 10 | Digital Pathology Implementation Strategies and Playscripts
Featuring:  Douglas J. Hartman, MD; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center


February 7 | Interoperability & Component Testing in Whole-Slide Imaging Systems
Featuring: Esther Abels, Philips and Aldo Badano, FDA




November 15 | Artificial Intelligence for Computational Pathology
Featuring: Andrew H. Beck MD, PhD; PathAI


June 15 | Use Cases and their After-Effects:  The Scans that Keep On Giving
Featuring: Renee J. Slaw, MBA, FACHE; Cleveland Clinic


May 11 | WSI and Primary Diagnosis: The Journey Begins. What FDA's Approval of WSI Means for You and Digital Pathology
Featuring: Esther Abels, Philips

February 9 | What to Expect for the Future of Regulatory
Featuring: Esther Abels, Philips




January 14 | FDA Regulation for WSI - An Update by the DPA Regulatory Taskforce
Featuring: Michael Montalto, PhD, Omnyx, LLC; Esther Abels, Phillips; and Anil Parwani, MD, PhD, MBA, Ohio State University


May 25 | FDA’s Technical Performance Assessment of Digital Pathology Whole Slide Imaging Devices.  WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO ME?
Featuring: Esther Abels, Phillips; Michael Montalto, PhD, Omnyx, LLC;  Jeffrey N. Gibbs, Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C.; Prentash Djelosevic, Leica; Vipul Baxi, Omnyx, LLC; Rik Kneepkens, Philips; and, Uwe Horchner, Roche


August 25 | A Novel Telepathology System for Remote Evaluation of Transplant Organ Procurement Biopsies (or How I Learned to Love to Sign Out Cases From Another State in My Pajamas)
Featuring:  Jon Ritter, MD, Washington University 


November 15 | Computer Aided Diagnosis: The "Tipping Point" for Digital Pathology
Featuring:  Jeroen van der Laak, PhD, Assistant Professor, Radboud University Medical Center




September 24 | Use of Hard Drive Based Slides in Residency Training and Evaluation
Featuring: Kar-Ming Fung, MD, PhD, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center




January 14 | WSI Validation Leaders Kickoff 2014 with Review and Forecasts
Featuring: Thomas Bauer, MD, PhD; Cleveland Clinic and Liron Pantanowitz, MD; UPMC




July 10 | Real-World Examples of Practical Consultative/Collaborative Digital Pathology Programs
Featuring: Mark Tuthill, MD, Henry Ford Health System and Anil Parwani, MD, UPMC




May 9 | Cultural and Strategic Barriers to the adoption of Digital Pathology 
Featuring: Dr. Sylvia Asa, Dr. Keith Kaplan & Dirk Soenksen of Aperio


September 19 | Technical Barriers to the Adoption of Digital Pathology
Featuring: Sean Costello, Head of Product Management - Digital Pathology at Leica Microsystems &
Kim Dickinson, MD - President-Elect of the Digital Pathology Association (DPA)


October 31 | LIVE FROM PATHOLOGY VISIONS | A Road Map to Financial Success in Digital Pathology
Featuring: Keith J. Kaplan, MD