The DPA is a nonprofit organization comprised of pathologists, scientists, technologists and industry representatives dedicated to advancing the field of digital pathology. The organization’s mission is to facilitate education and awareness of digital pathology applications in healthcare and life sciences. Members are encouraged to share best practices and promote the use of the technology among colleagues in order to demonstrate efficiencies, share knowledge and its ultimate benefits to patient care.


Digital pathology is now being recognized as a proven and essential technology. It provides additional tools that can provide a faster, higher quality and more accurate diagnoses that are crucial to achieve the class of results demanded by patients and physicians. The DPA’s committees and taskforces are dedicated to enhancing the field. The Association’s focus is on exploring digital pathology applications, education and best practices, collaborating with the FDA on equipment approvals and addressing technology regulations.


The Digital Pathology Association (DPA) was founded in 2009. When founded the DPA's goals included supporting digital pathology education initiatives, defining best practices, influencing standards and interfaces, organizing an annual conference that addresses diverse needs within the industry, and more. The DPA continues to work towards these goals.

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