COVID-19 Updates & Resources

Dear DPA members and colleagues,


As we continue to deal with the ongoing challenges brought on by COVID-19, I wanted to take a moment to reach out on behalf of the DPA. I especially want to thank all of our members who are pathologists, laboratory technicians, researchers and other medical professionals who are truly on the front lines in this fight. We appreciate the difficulties you face working in this environment and honor your ongoing commitment to patients. 

I do not need to reiterate that this is a serious situation which we are all in together. Please rest assured that DPA leadership is working diligently to best serve our members and the entire digital pathology community.

It is important to lean on each other for assistance. ​We strongly encourage you to let us know what your needs are and we will do our best to help. Should you have any questions, concerns and/or needs, please do not hesitate to contact us

Thank you for what you do for your communities. ​Please continue to stay safe and healthy. 


Michael Rivers
DPA President 


DPA Initiatives:


  1. Drafted and submitted a memorandum to CMS making the case for lifting regulatory restrictions on remote pathology and outlining the unique role that digital pathology plays in remote environments
  2. Alerted the medical technology trade press and health policy reporters in consumer media to DPA’s position on waiver; secured DPA placements in Clinical Lab Products and Medical Laboratory Observer magazines
  3. Communicated with select members of Congress on importance of easing restrictions
  4. Made case to principal coronavirus advisors to the President
  5. Briefed U.S. News and World Report magazine writer on remote pathology issues for telemedicine article; scheduled interview with DPA leadership; secured placement with client quotes  
  6. Held a Twitter Chat: Pajamas & Pathology: Implementing Remote Sign-out 
  7. Held a webinar on Adapting and Preparing for Remote Digital Signout During the Time of COVID-19
  8. Held a webinar on Lessons learned from autopsies of COVID-19: deadly disease courses due to (micro-)angiopathy and thrombosis
  9. Conducting a study to collect real-world data to use as evidence for supporting remote use in the future - click here to contribute
  10. Adding a COVID-19 section to the High Yield Cases on the Digital Anatomic Pathology Academy (DAPA)



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