Accelerating adoption of Digital Pathology globally
The promise of digital transformation in Pathology is that it will bring significant benefits to patients and providers alike. From faster turnaround times to ML enhanced image analysis to ubiquitous telepathology and everything in between. Yet, despite its promise, Digital Pathology as a practice remains 'emergent' with single digit market penetration. Why is now the time for accelerated adoption of Digital Pathology?
In this session we will share our philosophical perspective on Digital Pathology, what we have learned from customers regarding barriers to adoption, use cases, and our approach to tackling these challenges. We believe our standards based approach coupled with the economic viability of cloud native capabilities in storage, computation and ML will foster increased health equity and equitable access for patients as the market matures from 'emergent' to 'established.'

Presented by:


Alexander SicularAlexander Sicular
Head of Digital Pathology
Google Cloud, Healthcare and Life Sciences

Alexander started his career in healthcare at Columbia University Medical Center as a Director of Medical Informatics, where he worked to merge the best of healthcare with technology. While at Columbia, Alexander developed clinical and integrated data systems to enhance experiences in patient care, operations, research and quality. After leaving Columbia, Alexander engaged customers as an expert in relational and non-relational distributed databases systems on behalf of two big data startups. Currently serving as Google Cloud's Head of Digital Pathology, Alexander leads Google Cloud's efforts to help as many people, in as many places, get access to modern digital pathology capabilities as quickly as possible.