Transform Pathology Collaboration & Clinical Efficiency

In this workshop learn from Iron Mountain how to improve your lab's ability to collaborate and function efficiently through faster slide retrieval in the form of digital images. Enable collaboration from anywhere, while maintaining end-to-end security and safeguarding PHI. Give quick and easy role-based access to requested images, saving your organization the time and hassle of physically retrieving slides. In this session, Iron Mountain along with four partner panelists, will offer strategic guidance enabling your lab or pathology operations to become even more streamlined and effective. Upon completion of this educational session, you are ready to:


  1. Identify the necessary components of a physical to digital workflow to deliver high-quality slide images rapidly and securely
  2. Compare the level of efficiency between digital and traditional slide retrieval workflows and the impact on timelines
  3. Select a slide scanner for your lab needs or determine if outsourcing is a better option
  4. Evaluate a slide viewer - on-premise, cloud or third party hosted - and recognize the PHI and cost implications
  5. Understand key considerations when selecting a digital storage partner
  6. Discern how to cost-effectively create digital copies of physical slides and reduce lab expenses


Presenter and panelists include:


  • Jonathan Poole, Principal Product Manager, Innovation Technology, Iron Mountain (presenter)
  • Keith Meyer, Vice President Innovation, Iron Mountain (panelist)
  • Zoya Volynskaya, Ph. D., Pathology Consultant - Digital (panelist)
  • Patrick Myles, Chief Executive Officer, PathPresenter (panelist)
  • Prasanth Perugupalli, Chief Product Officer, Pramana Inc. (panelist)
  • Phil Cestaro, President & Chief Executive Officer, TriMetis Life Sciences (panelist)


Presented by:


Jonathan Poole

Principal Product Manager

Innovation Technology

Iron Mountain


Jonathan brings 25 years of Iron Mountain experience to the development of new customer products. Digital Pathology On Demand (DPOD) is the most recent innovation leveraging Iron Mountains' multiple years of experience in maintaining a secure chain of custody for physical and digital assets.




Phil Cestaro

President & Chief Executive Officer

TriMetis Life Sciences






Keith Meyer

Vice President Innovation

Iron Mountain








Patrick Myles

Chief Executive Officer







Prasanth Perugupalli

Chief Product Officer

Pramana Inc.






Zoya Volynskaya, PhD

Pathology Consultant - Digital