Decoding Success: Unmasking Strategies for Digital Pathology Integration in Major Medical Centers

The era of digital pathology is redefining medical diagnostics, and the integration of this capability within major medical centers serves as a profound testament to the industry's evolution. Philips is pleased to extend an invitation to an enlightening panel session with academic medical centers Pathology leaders. This session will offer a firsthand insights of the transformative journeys undertaken by esteemed academic medical centers as they unveil the intricacies of their paths to embracing digital pathology. This best practice forum will share invaluable insights and focus on key junctures of the digital pathology journey including: Preparation for Digital Pathology Launch: Delve into the steps undertaken by each institution as they embarked on their digital pathology journey. From fortifying infrastructure to orchestrating workflow transitions, this segment unveils the bedrock of a successful implementation. Overcoming Significant Challenges: Peer into the core challenges encountered on the digital pathology frontier and the strategies harnessed to surmount these hurdles. Adaptable tactics and inventive problem-solving emerge as the driving forces behind successful transformations. Key Performance Indicators and ROI Determination: Unearth the pivotal KPIs within these medical centers. Gain insights into the rationale behind selection and methodologies employed to gauge Return on Investment (ROI). Impact on Lab Operations and Pathologists: Hear how the technology has streamlined processes, accelerated diagnoses, fostered collaboration, and benefits pathologists. Join us for this conversation and explore the strategies, challenges, and successes that defined the integration of digital pathology for these organizations as we collectively decode the path to digital pathology success.





Anil ParwaniAnil Parwani, MD, PhD

Professor of Pathology
Vice Chair of Anatomical Pathology
Ohio State University
Dr. Parwani is Professor of Pathology, Director of Pathology Informatics and Digital Pathology at The Ohio State University. One of his expertise lies in pathology informatics.



Dr. Mehrvash Haghighi

Mount Sinai Medical Center

Dr. Heounjeong Go, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
Asan Medical Center (AMC)
University of Ulsan College of Medicine
Director of Medicine
Korea Society of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Dr. Go is Associate professor at Asan Medical Center (AMC), University of Ulsan College of Medicine. She spearheaded the overall introduction of digital pathology at AMC and is Director of Medicine at Korea Society of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

Giovanni Lujan, MD

Associate Professor
Ohio State University
Dr. Lujan is Associate Professor at the Ohio State University, specialized in digital & computational pathology and passionate about the new era of Pathology in the areas of Computational Pathology, AI and Precision Medicine.