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10x Genomics

10x Genomics builds solutions to interrogate biological systems at a resolution and scale that matches the complexity of biology. Our rapidly expanding suite of products, which include instruments, consumables, and software, have enabled customers to make fundamental discoveries across multiple research areas, including cancer, immunology, and neuroscience.


Aiforia equips pathologists and scientists in preclinical, academic, and clinical labs with the most powerful deep learning artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology to increase the speed, accuracy, and consistency of analyzing large and complex medical images across a variety of fields from oncology to neuroscience. Aiforia is composed of an ideal mix of scientists experienced in a variety of medical areas from pathology to cancer diagnostics, software developers who collectively hold over 100 years' experience in artificial intelligence, and a business team with backgrounds in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

ALIO Industries 

Founded in 2001, ALIO, “Latin for a new and better way”, is driven by a peerless team of exceptional engineers that have an obsessive focus to maintain its name’s sake of new and novel approaches to motion. ALIO has pushed the boundaries of what is perceived as possible, while enabling new processes for many industries especially in Digital Pathology where path motion is critical for stitching together data or capturing data on the move. Designed and built to exacting standards ALIO has no equal when it comes to Nano Precision Motion.

Aurora mScope is a global leader in developing and implementing digital pathology image management software solutions. Our systems, which are developed by pathologists, are secure, HIPAA compliant, web-based, and scanner agnostic, allowing for easy image access, and intuitive viewing and reporting on smart phones, tablets, and computers anywhere, anytime. Over the last several years, Aurora has installed some of the largest integrated telepathology solutions that are operational in North America and Europe.


Canopy Biosciences® – A Bruker Company, is a global provider of products and services to accelerate multi-omics research. Our proprietary platform ChipCytometry™ is an image-based high-plex proteomics instrument that enables deep phenotyping in tissue and PBMCs with unmatched data quality. Quantify virtually unlimited protein biomarkers on a sample with true single-cell resolution to individually phenotype every single cell in your sample. To learn more, visit CanopyBiosciences.com/ChipCytometry.


Caris Life Sciences® is a leading innovator in molecular science and artificial intelligence focused on fulfilling the promise of precision medicine through quality and innovation. The company’s suite of market-leading molecular profiling offerings assesses DNA, RNA and proteins to reveal a molecular blueprint that helps physicians and cancer patients make more precise and personalized treatment decisions. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Caris Life Sciences offers services throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and other international markets. To learn more, please visit www.CarisLifeSciences.com or follow us on Twitter (@CarisLS).

Corista’s DP3 delivers to pathologists the industry’s most extensive array of digital workflow, analytical and collaborative tools available. DP3’s robust suite of pathology workflows and image analytics enables pathologists and scientists to better analyze, collaborate, communicate, teach and report. DP3 provides integrated access to all image scanning systems, LIS/EHR platforms and ‘best-of-breed’ image analytics. Specialists can receive digital consults from physicians and patients across the globe, and investigator-initiated researchers have a powerful R&D platform upon which to develop and apply their algorithms. Corista: This is Integrated Pathology™.

Elevation Strategic Development

Elevation Strategic Development offers consulting and services for advanced diagnostic development. We specialize in the design and implementation of regulatory and product development strategies for initial market entry as well as global expansion for digital pathology products and applications. Our team includes industry experts in regulatory affairs and digital pathology with an emphasis on application development and validation in various regulatory settings (e.g. LDT, IUO, IVD, CDx). All services support client needs including regulatory strategy, product development plans, clinical study design, regulatory authority communication, partnership due diligence, gap assessments, medical writing, and quality management system assessment, design, and generation.

Epredia is a global precision cancer diagnostics company working to improve patient outcomes by providing groundbreaking technologies. Every product developed has been impacted by generations of employees who are committed to improving lives by enabling pathologists through enhancing precision cancer diagnostics.

Gestalt Diagnostics is a private, profit-driven software company who provides technology solutions, technical and integration services and support to pathology laboratories. Gestalt has developed PathFlow, an enterprise software platform specifically designed to bring the benefits of digital workflow to pathologists and pathology laboratories. Gestalt has built upon their team's deep experience in developing and deploying pathology laboratory applications, Laboratory Information Systems, and a radiology workflow solution that is used for 15 million reads per year. Gestalt's products are engineered specifically for the unique needs and workflow of pathologists. The PathFlow platform includes integrated Image Analysis and Artificial Intelligence solutions and algorithms that provide cancer scoring and image enhancement support for the pathologist.

Hamamatsu Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (Japan). We manufacture detectors, light sources, cameras, and systems including the NanoZoomer instruments for whole slide scanning in both brightfield and fluorescence applications. The NanoZoomer converts glass slides into digital images quickly and accurately, making it perfect for viewing and analyzing the slides. Our instruments deliver reliable scanning and image quality you’ve come to expect from Hamamatsu.

As an innovative medical technology company, Hologic is committed to enabling healthier lives everywhere, every day. With groundbreaking technology at the core, our products are designed to achieve exceptional clinical results, making it possible to detect, diagnose and treat illnesses and other health conditions earlier and more effectively. Our newest innovation, the Genius™ Digital Diagnostics System, is a CE-marked digital cytology platform that combines a new artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm with advanced volumetric imaging technology to help cytotechnologists and pathologists identify pre-cancerous lesions and cervical cancer cells in women. Hologic: The Science of Sure in action.

Huron Digital Pathology - We are on a mission to transform glass biopsy slides into shareable knowledge. Our Scan, Index, and Search solution for pathology combines award-winning whole slide imaging hardware with powerful image search technology to connect pathologists, researchers and educators with the expertise of their colleagues to help speed up diagnosis and accelerate disease research.


Ibex pioneers AI-based cancer diagnostics in pathology. We use artificial intelligence to develop clinical-grade algorithms and workflows that identify cancer as accurately as a human pathologist, helping pathologists and healthcare providers improve cancer diagnoses, efficiencies and health economics. Our Galen™ platform is the first-ever AI-powered solution used in routine clinical practice in pathology. It is deployed at pathology institutes worldwide, with demonstrated success in improving diagnostic quality, detecting missed cancer cases and reducing turnaround times and operating costs.

Indica Labs is the world’s leading provider of computational pathology software and services. Our flagship HALO® image analysis platform enables fast, quantitative evaluation of tissues using a broad range of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision algorithms. HALO Link™ and HALO AP® facilitate remote image analysis, collaboration and management. Through a combination of precision, performance, scalability, and usability our software solutions enable pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic labs, research organizations, and Indica’s own contract pharma services team to advance tissue-based research, clinical trials, and diagnostics.

Infinitt INFINITT North America is a leading provider of enterprise image and data management solutions for healthcare. Our cutting-edge technologies support radiology, cardiology, oncology, pathology and all other ‘ologies that acquire and store images as part of the patient record. If you are a healthcare provider who needs help transitioning to a digital pathology solution, INFINITT is here to help. INFINITT Digital Pathology Solution (IDPS) creates a more efficient, collaborative and rewarding environment for pathologists, streamlining case management and communication among the entire care team. Let us help you discover the benefits of digital pathology.


Inspirata, Inc. helps patients fighting cancer—and the clinicians they trust—to make every moment matter. Our comprehensive cancer informatics solutions bring disparate data together throughout the entire cancer care journey to drive informed decisions that improve survivorship. Inspirata has assembled the most advanced and proven technologies to address the complex challenges of delivering cancer care and conducting ground-breaking research. We combine leading digital pathology solutions with automated cancer registry solutions, comprehensive cancer informatics and advanced patient engagement tools to bring users the broadest oncology informatics platform available globally. To learn more, visit www.inspirata.com.

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain, a global leader in information management and digital transformation, provides end-to-end digital and physical pathology solutions. We meet your needs today by securely storing and managing pathology samples for long-term preservation and improved visibility and access. We can also address your future needs with a new digital pathology as a service solution that will digitize your slides and more cost-effectively manage your growing repository of digital images. As your trusted partner for pathology solutions, we can help you accelerate your digital pathology journey to maximize access and sharing in cost-effective ways.


Leica Biosystems (LeicaBiosystems.com) is a global leader in cancer diagnostics with the most comprehensive portfolio from biopsy to diagnosis. Our mission of “Advancing Cancer Diagnostics, Improving Lives” is at the heart of our corporate culture. Our easy-to-use and consistently reliable offerings help improve workflow efficiency and diagnostic confidence.


LUMEA is a market leader in digital pathology solutions. The company has built a unique digital ecosystem that integrates pre-analytic, analytic, and post-analytic innovation to allow pathologists and laboratories to simplify the process of digital transformation. The effect goes beyond simply viewing digital slides on-screen to managing tissue and information with the help of artificial intelligence enabled tools. The result is meaningful patient care improvement, cost reduction, increased flexibility, and availability for new growth opportunities. Forward-thinking pathology groups, laboratories and hospital systems can finally take full advantage of digital pathology to consolidate laboratory operations, improve patient care and increase profit margins.


At Mikroscan, our vision is that every patient will receive the right diagnosis from the right expert at the right time, regardless of where they live in the world. To accomplish this goal, we provide high-quality telepathology and digital pathology systems that increase efficiencies for busy pathologists and provide decision support for more accurate diagnoses. Our solutions are utilized in hospitals, clinics, universities, and research institutions all over the world. From mobile MOHS labs to medical schools, our technology serves a variety of applications in anatomic pathology, veterinary pathology, teaching, and research settings.


Mindpeak’s dedicated AI solutions for cancer diagnosis in digital pathology can handle the real-world image variability between labs/stainers/scanners out-of-the-box without lab-specific re-training or parametrization. BreastIHC is CE-IVD validated for Ki-67, ER and PR and already in clinical diagnostic use in eight international labs. Soon HER2 (breast) and PD-L1 (NSCLC) will follow as well as mitosis-detection (breast) on H&E-slides or WSI-support for a fully digital workflow with automated hotspot-recognition and pre-calculation. We are integrated into a large and growing number of image management systems (e.g. Sectra, Gestalt, Augmentiqs, PathoZoom, etc.) but also offer a stand-alone web-based solution.


Motic Digital Pathology addresses the growing global pathology care gap by making digital medicine approachable for hospitals, labs, and doctors everywhere. We promote adoption of telepathology through our innovative, cost-effective solutions developed directly in conjunction with partner pathologists.


Nikon Instruments Inc. is the US microscopy arm of Nikon Healthcare, a world leader in the development and manufacture of optical and digital imaging technology for biomedical applications. With over 100 years of optical design expertise, Nikon offers industry-leading microscope systems for clinical pathology including digital pathology and remote slide viewing and sharing. See the difference with Nikon optics and digital solutions.

Olympus is passionate about creating customer-driven solutions for the medical, life sciences, and industrial equipment industries. For more than 100 years, Olympus has focused on making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling by helping to detect, prevent, and treat disease; furthering scientific research; and ensuring public safety. Olympus has manufactured microscopes since the company’s founding in 1919. Today, our Life Sciences business is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the evolving needs and expectations of life science professionals through a comprehensive range of clinical research, educational, and high-end research microscopes and microscope systems. For more information, visit www.olympus-lifescience.com.


Paige is leading and enabling the next generation of pathology. From digital slide review to diagnosis, Paige integrates the full value of computational diagnostics and digital biomarkers within an enterprise imaging software solution. With Paige, patients and their care teams can make effective, precise treatment decisions.


PathAI is a leading provider of AI-powered research tools and services for pathology. PathAI’s platform promises substantial improvements to the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficacy of treatment of diseases like cancer, leveraging modern approaches in machine and deep learning. Based in Boston, PathAI works with leading life sciences companies and researchers to advance precision medicine. To learn more, visit pathai.com.

Philips shield

Philips is a health technology company focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation across the health continuum – from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Applying advanced technologies and deep clinical and consumer insights, Philips partners with customers to deliver integrated solutions that address the Quadruple Aim: improved patient experience, better health outcomes, improved staff experience, and lower cost of care.

Proscia is a software company that is changing the way the world practices pathology to transform research and diagnosis for diseases like cancer. With the company’s Concentriq digital pathology platform and pipeline of AI-powered applications, laboratories are leveraging new kinds of data to accelerate discoveries and improve patient outcomes. Proscia’s team of technologists, scientists, and pathologists is bringing a fresh approach to an outdated industry, helping the world to keep pace with the increasing demand for pathology services and fulfill the promise of precision diagnostics. For more information, visit proscia.com.

The Roche VENTANA product portfolio represents a legacy of innovation and includes automated instruments and reagent systems for slide-based tissue diagnostics for cancer and infectious disease. In addition to fully automated slide staining platforms and specimen workflow software, Roche offers a digital pathology portfolio that includes scanners for whole slide imaging, software to manage the digital workflow, and companion image analysis algorithms. These digital solutions are designed to help AP labs improve workflow efficiency, ensure patient and user safety, and empower precision medicine.

Sectra’s Digital Pathology Solution provides an FDA-approved, clinical production system for digital pathology that can handle large volumes at peak performance. Allows pathologists to review images and carry out reporting with high precision while also providing workload balancing, consultations, and second opinions. Supports integrated diagnostic workflows through improved physician collaboration. This solution won the 2021 Best in KLAS award for Digital Pathology.

spot imaging SPOT Imaging Solutions is a manufacturer of integrated imaging solutions for pathology. SPOT supports optimized workflows for Cytopathology ROSE Consults, Surgical Frozen Section Consults, Subspecialty Consults, Routine Gross Dissection, Routine Sign-out, Tumor Board, Autopsy, Sample QA and Tracking Solutions. Our solutions integrate telepathology communication. image acquisition, image archive, and image viewer into a network connected environment that streamlines image management and enhances diagnostic certainty.


TRIBVN Healthcare empowers confident decisions. The Paris-based privately held company addresses a significant and fast-growing unmet need for expert end-to-end pathology department digitalization. It is a pioneer in digital pathology workflow solutions with image acquisition (Macro), image storage and organization, web-based image management system (IMS), image analysis using AI-powered deep and machine learning algorithms, remote case sharing and peer review, and reporting. Its award-winning core platform CaloPix is regarded as a leader in the industry. Its deep and decade-long expertise drives confidence for laboratories looking to transition to digital successfully.


Visiopharm® is a world leader in AI-driven precision pathology software. Visiopharm’s image analysis tools support thousands of scientists, pathologists, and image analysis experts in academic institutions, biopharmaceutical industry, and diagnostic centers. Our AI-based image analysis and tissue mining tools support research and drug development research worldwide, while CE-IVD APPs support primary diagnostics. With the most advanced and sophisticated artificial intelligence and deep learning, Visiopharm delivers tissue data mining tools, precision results, and workflows. Founded in 2001, Visiopharm is a privately owned company operating internationally, headquartered in Denmark’s Medicon Valley, and offices in Sweden, England, Germany, and the United States.










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The Pathology Visions exhibit program furthers the education of attendees by providing an opportunity for on-site discussions and exchanges on the newest available technologies, as well as an area for exhibitors to present information on products or services pertinent to the attendees’ professional interests. Take advantage of this ideal opportunity to showcase your products and services and meet face-to-face with attendees interested in digital pathology. 
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