AIIT’s AIRA Matrix provides image analysis and management solutions for preclinical toxicology and pathology applications. Our deep-learning based platform helps pathologists study and classify higher volumes of image data enabling a quick focus on relevant study findings. The platform has been developed in collaboration with CROs, histo-pathology providers and bio-pharmaceutical companies. It provides easily deployable solutions for image classification; cellular level features recognition and separation; feature quantification and staging; as well as meaningful statistical analysis of the data for easy interpretations and presentations. The platform is vendor-neutral, supports collaboration across teams and can be easily integrated with existing digital laboratory solutions.

Aiforia provides cloud-based Deep Learning image analysis solutions for digital pathology. Aiforia Deep Learning AI solutions are available on-demand or through Aiforia Create, a first of its kind self-service model. Aiforia Create allows users to train custom Deep Learning algorithms. Aiforia empowers pathologists with an easy-to-use interface combined with Deep Learning image analysis. In addition, the platform enables utilization of AI in pathology by providing a high-performance Cloud Computing platform that requires no prior user experience in programming or deep learning. Our SaaS solutions enable fast, accurate, and affordable analysis support for pathologists and medical researchers requiring tissue-based image analytics.

Aurora mScope is a global leader in developing and implementing digital pathology image management software solutions. Our systems, which are developed by pathologists, are secure, HIPPA compliant, web-based, and scanner agnostic, allowing for easy image access, and intuitive viewing and reporting on smart phones, tablets, and computers anywhere, anytime. Over the last several years, Aurora has installed some of the largest integrated telepathology solutions in North America and Europe. Aurora’s founder and CEO, Dr. Erik Yeo is a physician at the University Health Network (UHN), and a Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, as well as the past Head of Laboratory Hematology and Hematopathology at the UHN.

Barco delivers healthcare display systems that help boost diagnostic accuracy and streamline workflow.  Our unified workflow solution, the Coronis Uniti®, and versatile Nio Color 5MP are the ideal solutions for multimodality breast imaging, while our Coronis Fusion 6MP is a proven workhorse for multimodality PACS. The Nio Color 3MP allows clinicians to confidently read exams in their home office. MediCal QAWeb maximizes uptime of all display systems with interruption-free QA and auto-calibration, enabling managers to reduce costs while assuring compliance to ever-changing regulatory and quality standards.


Bionovation Biotech Inc is focusing on developing the high magnification scanning equipment for digitalizing the samples for hematology, microbiology and cytology study. The 800MP is our first-generation 100x oil objective scanning system, which can scan the whole slide (20mm x 50mm) within 2 minutes. Also, we offer AI software tools for automatically analyzing the samples, like blood cell differential. 

Corista – Shaping the Future of Digital Healthcare Delivery  Corista’s DP3® provides a comprehensive digital pathology workflow suite establishing tumor boards in minutes, generating inspection-ready QA documents and launching real-time remote peer reviews worldwide. Integrating your whole slide images with data from your LIS, DP3 provides a central portal accessing every digital image in your repository and powering dynamic clinical, educational and research protocols. Put the strength of universal access, workflow optimization, collaboration and analysis into pathologists’ hands. DP3 is the industry’s most comprehensive digital pathology suite. Better, faster, easier. This is Integrated Pathology™ only from Corista. 

Daylight Solutions is the leading provider of mid-IR label-free digital pathology solutions. Daylight’s breakthrough Spero-QT microscope performs whole-slide, non-destructive biochemical imaging without requiring staining or the use of fluorescent probes. Learn more by speaking with one of our application scientists at Booth #300.

Established in 2015, Deep Bio Inc. is a company that is dedicated to provide pathology solutions with the integration of knowledge based Artificial Intelligence Technology. We are developing a software platform that can analyze biopsy images using Deep Neural Network Method to assist pathologists enhance their diagnostic capabilities and making sure their performances are delivered with the highest quality and speed.

DeepInformatics is an innovative AI-powered digital pathology corporation, providing digital pathology image analysis software, Cloud-enabled online telepathology platform, and portable digital scanners: 1) D-PathAI™ is an AI powered pathology diagnosis software, which can automatically analyze whole slide scanned digital slides, produce quantitative measurements, and generate final pathology reports. 2) D-PathConnect™ is a Cloud-based telepathology platform, which provides easy slide reading and sharing using both computers and mobile devices. 3) D-PathPlanet™ is a large-scale online pathology image database with large sale image storage, searching, and retrieval. 4) D-PathScope™ is a portable digital scanner using a simple USB connector.

Dell EMC. Go from AI-possible to AI-ready. Dell EMC is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence with the technology, experience, and expertise to help businesses get maximum value from their Data Capital. Our Ready Solutions for AI can accelerate your AI initiatives and make AI simpler, enabling faster and deeper insights Dell EMC Isilon delivers healthcare and life science organizations the cloud, big data, and storage platforms to meet the rigorous demands of image-based workflow and digital pathology cockpits. Isilon performance and scalability enable you to leverage advanced machine and deep learning techniques to get timely insights from massive datasets - putting precision medicine within reach for every patient.  

The Grundium Ocus is a monumental leap in digital pathology. It is a precision tool small and affordable enough to be on every medical professional’s desk. It is truly portable and it can be brought anywhere. Wireless connectivity means telepathology is now possible practically anywhere on the planet. OCUS is your personal microscope scanner to make daily work faster and easier.

Hamamatsu Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (Japan). We manufacture the NanoZoomer instruments for whole slide scanning in both brightfield and fluorescence applications. The NanoZoomer converts glass slides into digital slides quickly and accurately, making it perfect for viewing and analyzing slide-mounted tissue at any resolution. It delivers reliable scanning 24/7/365 in brightfield or fluorescence at the touch of a button.

An innovative medical technology company primarily focused on improving women’s health and well-being, Hologic enables healthier lives everywhere, every day, with clinical superiority that delivers life-changing diagnostic, detection, surgical and medical aesthetic products rooted in science and driven by technology. Hologic: The Science of Sure in action.

We believe that innovation is the key to making digital pathology a ubiquitous reality. But for us, innovation is about more than just delivering great image quality and fast scanning speeds. It’s also about designing products that are simple to use, easy to integrate with your workflow, and have attractive price-performance characteristics. Based in St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada, Huron Digital Pathology has a 20+ year history designing sophisticated imaging instrumentation. Our end-to-end digital whole slide imaging solutions combine the award winning TissueScope™ digital slide scanner, image management software, and workflow enhancing accessories.

Ibex Medical Analytics is developing an AI-driven diagnostic system that helps pathologists deliver more efficient, metric-driven, objective and accurate diagnoses. It combines AI, data science, image analysis and machine learning technologies and applies them to cancer diagnostics in digital pathology, striving to improve patient outcomes and quality of life. 

Indica Labs’ company description: Indica Labs is a leading provider of software for quantitative evaluation of pathology images.  Indica's HALO™ image analysis platform provides a unique combination of precision, performance, scalability, and usability.  Indica's broad range of industry leading tissue-specific image analysis algorithms can be used in a variety of truly integrated digital pathology environments, allowing pharmaceutical, healthcare, and research organizations worldwide to apply high-throughput image quantification in areas such as neuroscience, metabolism, oncology, toxicological pathology, and more.  

KUBTEC is the innovation leader for specimen X-ray imaging for Pathology, breast surgery, and biopsy. Only the KUBTEC Mozart Specimen Tomosynthesis System provides pathologists  with three dimensional images that are more accurate than traditional X-ray at identifying specimen anatomy.  What’s more our XPERT 80 series of Specimen Radiography Systems feature the largest detectors available, large enough to image a full term fetus, or adult femur.  Visit us at Pathology Visions Booth 318. See the future of specimen imaging and hear what our customers are saying about us.

Leica Biosystems (LeicaBiosystems.com) is a cancer diagnostics company and a global leader in workflow solutions, offering the most comprehensive portfolio from biopsy to diagnosis. With unique expertise, we are dedicated to driving innovations that connect people across radiology, pathology, surgery and oncology. Our mission of “Advancing Cancer Diagnostics, Improving Lives” is at the heart of our corporate culture.  Our easy-to-use and consistently reliable offerings help improve workflow efficiency and diagnostic confidence. The company is headquartered in Germany and operates in over 100 countries.






Our cloud-based clinical documentation solutions connect workflows for efficient and accurate medical speech recognition, medical transcription, CDI, and coding. We facilitate physician-patient relationships by making it easy for doctors to capture the patient story, and by delivering information when it is needed most – at the point of care.

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Gestalt Diagnostics is a private, profit-driven software company who has developed PathFlow, an enterprise software platform specifically designed to bring the benefits of digital workflow to pathologists and pathology laboratories. This product was originally developed, by what is now Gestalt’s team, to support a fully digital reading platform for radiology. The radiology platform is used in leading hospitals across the United States and supports more than 13 million studies annually.  Gestalt has expanded and redesigned this proven, robust solution to work in the laboratory space – engineered for the unique needs and workflow of pathologists.

Mikroscan’s vision is that every patient receives the right diagnosis from the right expert at the right time, regardless of where they live in the world. Mikroscan is committed to partnering with the pathology community by providing technology enabled products and services that increase a pathologist’s reach, remove barriers to workload efficiency, and enable new discoveries.

Motic Instruments, a new member of the DPA ASSOCIATION, will present at this year’s meeting its new Generation of Whole Slide Imaging Scanners—the Easyscan One, Pro 6, and Infinity Series: MoticEasyScan One: offers a convenient, compact desktop slide scanning solution, for quick live or scanned viewing from anywhere, great for Frozen Sections. MoticEasyScan Pro 6; a mid-range 6-slide scanner for quick and easy live and scanned images for remote consults, residency or educational applications. MoticEasyScan Infinity: a high capacity scanner capable of swiftly scanning 60 to 100 slides for research or archiving without the need to stop when adding new slides.

Neagen has been developing and delivering imaging software solutions over 15 years. Our digital pathology workflow is based on global DICOM standard and it comprises storing, archiving and viewing of pathological images and whole slide images. Our omnipresent viewing solution, with all medical images available, makes analysis, data sharing, consultation and MDT-meetings efficient and independent of the geographical location. You are warmly welcome to visit our booth to see the lean pathology workflow. The next phase of medical imaging is here.

Olympus is dedicated to your work, vision and science. Through innovation and service, we seek to aide in your discoveries, advance your research, and inspire you to explore new possibilities. Our wide range of imaging solutions are built with the optical excellence and proven application expertise you have come to expect and depend on. Let us be your partner in discovery. Stop by the Olympus booth today or visit www.olympus-lifescience.com.

OptraSCAN®, an ISO 13485 certified is an end-to-end digital pathology solution provider. OptraSCAN is focused on delivering fully integrated, affordable solutions that will maximize your return on investment and improve the performance of your pathology services. OptraSCAN® are pioneers in the On-Demand Digital Pathology® System and is working to eliminate the barriers to “Go Digital” no matter the size of the pathology lab, the lab's throughput or global location. OptraSCAN’s end-to-end solution provides effective acquisition of whole slide images, viewing, storing, sharing, reporting, analysis and management of digital slides and associated metadata, via On-Demand solution or outright purchase model. To learn more, visit www.optrascan.com.

PathAI supports drug development research by identifying patients who will benefit from novel therapies, allowing scalable personalized medicine to become a reality with AI-powered pathology. Using novel machine learning algorithms, PathAI is also building decision support tools that facilitate high-volume pathology specimen evaluation to reduce errors, increase efficiency, and drive new insights.

PathcoreTM is committed to providing user-friendly, responsive and easy-to-use solutions for large and complex workflows. Our unique platform is an enterprise-grade solution for whole slide imaging, which supports digital workflow, proprietary formats, live microscopy and DICOM. PathcoreTM is packed with features that reduce the workload of system administrators and empower users.

PerkinElmer’s Phenoptics™ Quantitative Pathology Research Solutions for cancer immunology and immunotherapy is a unique workflow, which includes multiplexed staining reagents and methodologies, instrumentation with unique channel-separation technology, and advanced image analysis software that can be trained to phenotype cells and measure checkpoint, activation and functional markers between cells and within the tumor microenvironment. For more information, please visit www.perkinelmer.com/Phenoptics   

Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution – Ready for Digital Diagnostics. Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution is designed to increase efficiency and collaboration in your clinical lab. Next to CE-IVD mark in Europe, Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution is now the first, and only digital pathology solution available for primary diagnosis in the United States. High-resolution images, collaboration features and case management support tools can help you make those next steps in workflow improvement and accelerate knowledge sharing amongst your clinical colleagues.

Proscia is a digital pathology and AI software company. Founded in 2014 by a team out of Johns Hopkins, the Moffitt Cancer Center, and the University of Pittsburgh, Proscia is on a mission to improve clinical outcomes and accelerate the discovery of breakthrough advancements in the fight against cancer. Using modern computing technologies that unlock hidden data not visible to the human eye and turning that data into valuable insights in the fight against cancer, the company is dedicated to improving the efficiency, speed and quality of pathology diagnostics and research. 

The Roche VENTANA product portfolio represents a legacy of innovation and includes automated instruments and reagent systems for slide-based tissue diagnostics for cancer and infectious disease. In addition to fully automated slide staining platforms and specimen workflow software, Roche offers a digital pathology portfolio that includes scanners for whole slide imaging and software and companion algorithms that enable image analysis and digital read applications, as well as remote consultation. These digital solutions are designed to help AP labs improve workflow efficiency, ensure patient and user safety, and empower precision medicine.

Sakura Finetek USA, Inc. presents the VisionTek® M6 Digital Microscope for remote control and live review of up to 4 slides simultaneously, view of multiple areas of the same slide (cloning) at different magnifications (2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x), annotations, all with a time to view under 17 seconds. NEW: Experience the power of PathcoreLive™, the first browser-based and HIPAA compliant environment designed for remote real-time control of your VisionTek. Secure online collaborations are now easier than ever! Come visit us at booth #113.

Sectra Digital Pathology Solutions consists of a high-end diagnostic viewer, unified integrations, and proven archiving and image handling protocols. A focus on end-user experience and workflow efficiency, allows pathologists’ expedited diagnoses and reporting through efficient im­age interaction, access to full case overviews, and image sharing for external reviews and balanced workloads. With more than 25 years in imaging, Sectra develops IT systems for radiology, pathology, women’s health and orthopedics.  More than 1,800 worldwide providers use our systems daily, making Sectra one of the world-leading companies for handling digital images.  For more information visit www.sectra.com/medical

Sunquest is the global leader in the laboratory. Sunquest Information Systems Inc. provides diagnostic informatics solutions to more than 1,700 laboratories globally. Since 1979, Sunquest has helped laboratories and healthcare organizations across the world enhance efficiency, improve patient care, and optimize financial results. Sunquest’s laboratory information and interoperability solutions enable world-class lab capabilities, including multi-site, multi-disciplinary support for complex anatomic, molecular and genetic testing, and engagement with physicians and patients outside the hospitals at the point-of-care. Headquartered in Tucson, AZ, with offices in Boston, London, Dubai, Bangalore and Brisbane, Sunquest is a global leader in healthcare information technology.

Techcyte was founded in 2013 as a tech transfer from the University of Utah to assist in the diagnosis of disease through digital microscopy and deep machine learning. Techcyte is the most advanced deep learning image analysis platform for bodily fluids, with algorithms for blood, fecal and pap smears.  Techcyte enables labs to lower costs, improve accuracy and deliver quicker results to patients.

TerryDr Info. Tech. strives to make digital pathology and ophthalmology scalable and affordable to every healthcare providers and researchers all over the globe. Leveraging state-of-the-art ultra-low-cost hardware designs by deeply optimized machine vision algorithms and artificial intelligence, TerryDr is dedicated to making Big Impacts at Low Cost.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Through our Thermo Scientific brand, we help customers accelerate innovation and enhance productivity. Our solutions span the anatomical pathology workflow – from grossing through imaging – with a range of products and services including 3DHistech imaging systems.

Ultivue is a venture-backed developer of reagent-driven solutions for high-performance biological imaging in situ, combining unlimited multiplexing at high speed with high spatial resolution. Ultivue’s proprietary solutions will help realize the promise of personalized medicine. The Ultivue portfolio of kits and services seamlessly integrate into existing workflows for biomarker discovery, assay validation, and potential companion diagnostic applications.

Visiopharm is a world leader in Augmented Pathology™ solutions; quantitative image analysis software and Precision Pathology, solving everything from H&E to advanced fluorescence in histopathology. Leading biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CRO), academic medical centers, and hospital diagnostic pathology labs all over the world utilize the Oncotopix® platform for tissue-based research and diagnostics. Oncotopix® provides scientists and pathologist with a scalable software solution that fits the needs and volumes of both research and diagnostic labs. Visit the Visiopharm APP Center, www.visiopharm.com/appcenter the world’s largest and fastest growing library of APPs  for Diagnostic and Research. Or go directly to www.visiopharm.com.

Founded in 1982, Winthrop Resources provides financial solutions that make how you pay for and use technology a competitive differentiator for your hospital. One of the largest bank-owned technology finance companies in the US, Winthrop, specializes in serving the healthcare marketplace with custom-crafted lease, utility and as-a-service financial offerings designed for projects that are capital intensive, business essential and operate in dynamic environments impacted by change. Winthrop's financial offerings are built to offer an enhanced client care process, lifecycle management capabilities, independence from vendor's agendas and flexibility to fit nearly any requirements (eg strategic, budgetary, accounting, tax).




The Pathology Visions exhibit program furthers the education of attendees by providing an opportunity for on-site discussions and exchanges on the newest available technologies, as well as an area for exhibitors to present information on products or services pertinent to the attendees’ professional interests. Take advantage of this ideal opportunity to showcase your products and services and meet face-to-face with attendees interested in digital pathology. 
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