Aurora mScope is a global leader in developing and implementing digital pathology image management software solutions.  Our systems, which are developed by pathologists,  are secure, HIPPA compliant, web-based, and scanner agnostic, allowing for easy image access,  and intuitive viewing and reporting on smart phones, tablets, and computers anywhere, anytime. Over the last several years, Aurora has installed some of the largest integrated telepathology solutions in North America and Europe. Aurora’s founder and CEO, Dr. Erik Yeo is a physician at the University Health Network (UHN), and a Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, as well as the past Head of Laboratory Hematology and Hematopathology at the UHN.



Dell EMC brings innovation to people everywhere and organizations of all types and sizes so they can transform and thrive in the digital economy. Becoming a digital business means transforming operating models, people, and process as well as IT. We uniquely power this digital transformation by delivering best-in-class technology for applications, data, infrastructure and security – from the edge to the core to the cloud. Collectively under the banner of Dell Technologies, Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream, and VMware align to deliver a singular goal: helping our customers transform for the future. 



Hamamatsu Corporation is the North American subsidiary of Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (Japan). We manufacture the NanoZoomer instruments for whole slide scanning in both brightfield and fluorescence applications. The NanoZoomer converts glass slides into digital slides quickly and accurately, making it perfect for viewing and analyzing slide-mounted tissue at any resolution. It delivers reliable scanning 24/7/365 in brightfield or fluorescence at the touch of a button. 


Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Huron Digital Pathology has a 20+ year history designing sophisticated imaging instrumentation.  Our end-to-end digital whole slide imaging solutions combine award winning TissueScope ™, digital slide scanner, image management software, and workflow enhancing accessories.


Indica Labs is the first company to offer tissue specific and application specific image analysis algorithms in a truly integrated digital pathology environment. Pharmaceutical, healthcare, and research organizations worldwide utilize Indica tools for high-throughput, whole-slide image quantification in areas such as neuroscience, metabolism, oncology, toxicological pathology, and more.


Leica Biosystems (LeicaBiosystems.com) is a global leader in workflow solutions and automation, integrating each step in the workflow. As the only company to own the workflow from biopsy to diagnosis, we are uniquely positioned to break down the barriers between each of these steps.  Our mission of “Advancing Cancer Diagnostics, Improving Lives” is at the heart of our corporate culture.  Our easy-to-use and consistently reliable offerings help improve workflow efficiency and diagnostic confidence. The company is represented in over 100 countries and is headquartered in Nussloch, Germany.


Microscopes International is the manufacturer of the uScope™, the world’s first low-cost, portable, high speed digital scanning microscope. The uScope is a robust system that can browse, scan, and save high-resolution images directly to a personal computer. The unique design of the uScope is ideally suited for research, clinical, and educational applications where high quality, automated digital imaging is required.


OptraSCAN (RUO) is the first On-Demand Digital Pathology system to provide a comprehensive, affordable, turnkey solution for both low and high throughput users. The On-Demand solutions include a cloud-enabled, small-footprint, low and high throughput WSI scanner OptraSCANTM (brightfield, fluorescence and frozen sections), and cloud enabled solutions: an integrated image viewer / management system ImagePathTM for digital slides and associated metadata, telepathology TELEPathTM, image analysis OptraASSAYSTM and CARDSTM (computer aided region detection system), as well as up to 10 TB of complimentary cloud storage. OptraSCAN is the perfect solution for the transition from traditional microscopy to digital pathology, providing a flexible On-Demand monthly subscription model for immediate access to digital pathology.


Pathcore, is a digital pathology software company offering digital pathology workflow solutions. We provide a browser-based platform for managing, viewing, annotating and storing pathology images as well as all associated metadata and other digital content. The platform enables extensive collaboration in a modern user interface. Its custom metadata system and advanced search capabilities allow for comprehensive analysis and reporting. It comes with a flexible vendor neutral archiving system and can even supports WSI and radiology DICOM image formats.



PerkinElmer’s Phenoptics™ Quantitative Pathology Research Solutions for cancer immunology and immunotherapy is a unique workflow, which includes multiplexed staining reagents and methodologies, instrumentation with unique channel-separation technology, and advanced image analysis software that can be trained to phenotype cells and measure checkpoint, activation and functional markers between cells and within the tumor microenvironment. For more information, please visit www.perkinelmer.com/Phenoptics



Philips Digital Pathology Solution. Our digital pathology solution delivers the speed, image quality, critical information, and interoperability needed for fast, confident review-making and seamless real-time collaboration. Intelligently analyze and organize the growing amount of clinical data. Harmonize patient records with pathology cases and results. Increase productivity of users and facilitate resource sharing. Access information virtually anytime, anywhere. Philips is dedicated to improving healthcare through innovation and together, we can provide the shortest path to the highest quality of care at the lowest cost.


Proscia is the company behind the #1 digital pathology platform that users access entirely over the internet- there’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage - you just log in and work from anywhere in the world. With Pathology Cloud you don't just get tools, you get an entire platform with solutions to tackle challenges of today and new ones as they emerge - from data management to telemedicine and image analysis. And on Pathology Cloud, you only pay for what you use, giving every customer access to powerful digital pathology algorithms and quantitative insights from tissue in seconds.


The Roche VENTANA product portfolio embodies a proven history of innovation and delivers leadingedge automated instruments and reagent systems for slide-based tissue diagnosis of cancer and infectious disease. Our comprehensive solution includes companion diagnostics, digital pathology, highvalue assays, fully-automated slide staining and workflow solutions. The portfolio empowers your lab to deliver enhanced medical value by helping you improve laboratory workflow efficiency, ensure patient and user safety and increase diagnostic confidence.


Sakura Finetek, USA, Inc. presents the VisionTek® M6, Digital Microscope for remote control and live review of up to 4 slides simultaneously, view of multiple areas of the same slide (cloning) at different magnifications (2.5x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x), with time to view under 17 seconds. NEW option includes the VisionTek® Cart for Mobile Microscopy.


Sectra Digital Pathology PACS offers a complete review solution for the pathologist to optimize workflow. Sectra PACS provides a state of the art diagnostic viewer, efficient image archiving and standardized integrations to various scanners, LIMS and image analysis applications. With full focus on end-user experience and workflow efficiency, pathologists can make their diagnoses faster and more accurately through efficient image interaction and utilization of analysis tools, as well as image sharing for collaboration and second opinions. Built on the same platform as Sectra’s Radiology PACS enables bi-directional sharing of images and reports between pathology and radiology. This provides a broader view of patient disease for physicians to collaborate for more accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions.



ThermoFisher Scientific Anatomical Pathology - To be the leading provider of innovative pathology tools and services, that enable our customers to improve patient health and research, now and for generations to come.



ViewsIQ is a medical technology company, digitizing patient samples microscopically to disrupt the pathology practice – the last remaining medical imaging field to go digital. ViewsIQ's Panoptiq system is the first software-based approach to digital imaging that allows seamless integration into a Pathologist’s clinical workflow. With Panoptiq, the cost barrier to digital imaging has been removed, permitting clinicians to offer expert diagnostic care to patients virtually anywhere in the world.