by Dr. A. Humeyra Dur Karasayar, MD, Koç University


As a pathology resident from Istanbul, I am filled with gratitude for the travel award from the Digital Pathology Association, which opened the doors to this incredible experience. The recent Pathology Visions 2023 conference in Orlando was a pivotal moment in my career, offering me a glimpse into the future of pathology empowered by digital tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The conference underscored the pressing need for innovative solutions in pathology, emphasizing how AI and digital pathology are not just tools but essential allies in addressing the ever-increasing demands of healthcare. While presenting our research, the motivation in the attendees, ranging from industry leaders to academic pioneers, fostered an environment of learning and networking. The excitement in the air was palpable, every conversation and presentation was not only informative but also inspiring. The accessibility and support of everyone I met amplified the excitement of being there, making the experience profoundly personal and engaging as well as educational. The welcoming spirit and collaborative ethos of the conference underscore the importance of community in our journey towards innovation. To my fellow pathologists, researchers, and students, I extend a heartfelt invitation to engage with digital pathology and AI. Let's delve into the capabilities of digital pathology, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration to unlock the potential of precision medicine.


A. Humeyra Dur Karasayar


Disclaimer: In seeking to foster discourse on a wide array of ideas, the Digital Pathology Association believes that it is important to share a range of prominent industry viewpoints. This article does not necessarily express the viewpoints of the DPA; however, we view this as a valuable point with which to facilitate discussion.