by Chhavi Chauhan, PhD, Director of Scientific Outreach, American Society for Investigative Pathology


With great pride and high hopes for a long-lasting fruitful partnership, I share the news that the American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP) recently formalized its alliance with the Digital Pathology Association (DPA).


For well over a century, ASIP’s mission has been to promote the discovery, advancement, and dissemination of basic and translational knowledge in experimental pathology and related disciplines. And for over a century, ASIP has been serving its mission by publishing the cutting edge research conducted by high profile researchers as timely pieces in its flagship journal, The American Journal of Pathology (AJP).


Keeping up with the evolving times, the AJP expanded its scope in 2019 to feature research in the emerging topics of Machine Learning, Computational Pathology, and Biophysical Imaging, as they apply to the discipline of pathology. A new tag line, “Discoveries in Basic and Translational Pathobiology,” was added to the AJP’s masthead, making 2019 a milestone year for the AJP.


The year 2019 also served as a milestone for the DPA as it celebrated its 10th anniversary


The missions of the two societies are rightfully guided by the deep strategic insights provided by their forward thinking leaders, and skillfully executed by their committed and qualified staff. Both the societies have successfully helped their membership build national reputations by providing platforms for meaningful engagement with peers through member participation in various interactive workshops, scientific interest groups (SIGs), as well as vibrant annual meetings. These platforms enable collaborations to conduct multi-disciplinary primary research as well as generate compelling multi-institutional white papers to address timely issues pertaining to research. In addition, both the societies offer professional development opportunities to their members by participation in various committees as well as the appointment of deserving member volunteers to positions of leadership.


The year 2020 may be marked in the history of mankind as a dark year in many ways due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Let this alliance serve as a reminder that despite darkness, there are always opportunities surrounding us. I sincerely hope that 2020 will also be remembered as the year the two esteemed societies, ASIP and DPA, joined forces to move the frontiers of computational pathobiology forward.


By way of this formidable alliance, the ASIP and the DPA pledge to collaborate to further serve the common goals of their combined membership as well as the AJP readership.


Eternally optimistic and hopeful of redefining “we are in this together”,


Disclaimer: In seeking to foster discourse on a wide array of ideas, the Digital Pathology Association believes that it is important to share a range of prominent industry viewpoints. This article does not necessarily express the viewpoints of the DPA, however we view this as a valuable point with which to facilitate discussion.