by Dr. Himani Kumar, MD, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center


I'm Himani Kumar, currently in my second year as a resident in Pathology at The Ohio State University. I feel privileged to have received the Travel Award from the Digital Pathology Association, allowing me the opportunity to participate in this year's PathVisions23 conference in Orlando. This event brings together pathologists, scientists, and industry professionals from around the world, serving as a focal point for exchanging insights and discussing the latest advancements in digital and computational pathology.


During the conference, I was partnered with my mentor, Dr. Marilyn Bui, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the President's dinner. She generously offered guidance on navigating the conference and maximizing the experience, assisting me in selecting relevant talks to attend and sharing numerous insightful ideas about pathology. Over the next three days of the conference, I had the privilege of meeting stalwarts in digital and computational pathology. I was truly amazed to witness their unwavering motivation and support for newcomers in the field.


Pathology Visions 2023 was special to me as I had the opportunity to deliver an oral presentation on "A Comparison between Glass Slides and Digital Slides for Thyroid Cytology: A Step towards Digital Cytology Workflow." I was thrilled to witness the positive response of the talk by the audience and engage in highly meaningful discussions. The conference featured oral and poster sessions, presentations, and workshops focusing on the latest tools and methodologies, addressing a broad range of topics. The highlight of my PathVisions experience was engaging in inspiring conversations with a diverse group of attendees from all over the globe.


I would like to express my gratitude to DPA for providing me with the opportunity to cultivate my interest in digital pathology and furnishing me with a platform to stay abreast of new advancements in the field. I departed the conference with fresh ideas to delve into within my own research, along with numerous new contacts and friends, whom I aspire to maintain communication with and potentially collaborate with in the future. I eagerly anticipate attending PathVisions24 next year for an enriching learning experience and would highly encourage residents and medical students to attend this conference. It provides a valuable opportunity to learn about advancements in the field of pathology and to meet experts in the field.


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Disclaimer: In seeking to foster discourse on a wide array of ideas, the Digital Pathology Association believes that it is important to share a range of prominent industry viewpoints. This article does not necessarily express the viewpoints of the DPA; however, we view this as a valuable point with which to facilitate discussion.