Individual from a Developing Country



May include pathology professionals from a developing country in clinical, research or academic settings, professionals from corporations or other business organizations that manufacture, sell, or service digital pathology systems, or have a business-related activity involved with digital pathology who wish to further the objectives of the DPA. 


Annual membership dues are FREE for new/first-time members during their first year. All memberships expire on December 31. In subsequent years, Developing Country members may renew as an individual (or other applicable category).


Note: Annual membership dues are FREE during an individual's residency, fellowship, PhD candidacy. Also available to medical students. For more information, please click here.




- Discounted registration fees for Pathology Visions, the Annual Meeting of the DPA
- Complimentary registration for DPA webinars
- Access to the DPA Member Community website

- Access to DPA Collaborate (connect, engage, learn, and share with peers)
- Exclusive access to previous presentations, videos, and webinars
- Opportunity to participate in Committee and Task Force activities and meetings
- Opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration and networking
- Ability to join industry-specific special interest groups
- Opportunity to present your digital pathology expertise and / or experiences at DPA member meetings
- Ability to attend and participate in product demonstrations at DPA events
- Option to participate in DPA group marketing events and trade shows, roundtables and special promotions


Memberships at this level are accepted on a case by case basis based on an individuals geographic location, desire to be a part of the DPA community, interest in digital pathology and more. If interested in joining at this level, please click the button below to complete the request form. The DPA Membership Committee will review your request and provide a response as soon as possible. 


For a list of applicable countries, please click here. For the full 2022 World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP), click here. The report is produced by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), with inputs from the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), and the five UN regional commissions. 


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