DPA/MDIC/FDA Alliance Meeting 

We are proud to inform you that on July 18, 2019, a successful alliance meeting was held at the FDA White Oak campus. Over 50 attendees, from various entities with interest to encourage innovation and commercialization by developing evaluation tools , methods and standards, and clarifying regulatory pathways in digital pathology and specifically in the AI space were present. The first steps have been made to establish a temporary alliance between the different participating entities, in which the DPA fully supports and aims to take part. The alliance will grow to incorporate additional stakeholders and we encourage your participation as we develop project aims and deliverables. If interested, please contact info@digitalpathologyassociation.org.

To view meeting resources, please click here. Available to members only. For more information on membership opportunities, please click here


The mission of the Digital Pathology Association Regulatory and Standards Task Force is to advance digital pathology by bringing clarity to the regulatory pathway for digital pathology including its evolution and creating awareness thereof, and working towards the development and adoption of standards as well as promoting interoperability in digital pathology for clinical use.

Participation in this Task Force is open to Benefactor member representatives only.

Task Force Members

Esther Abels, PathAI (Co-Chair)
Joachim Schmid, Roche Tissue Diagnostics (Co-Chair)

Scott Blakely, Hamamatsu
Hunter Elliott, PathAI
Rob Eusebio, Leica Biosystems 
Jeff Gibbs, Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C.
Eric Glassy, APMG
Christine Kishi, Leica Biosystems 
Liselotte Kornmann, Philips
Michael Montalto, Bristol-Myers Squibb
John Nelson, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Christine Nichols, Hologic
Liron Pantanowitz, UPMC
Peter Martin, Roche Tissue Diagnostics
Anil Parwani, Ohio State University
Michael Quick, Hologic
Jillian Sue, PAIGE.AI
John Wellbank, Thermo Fisher Scientific
David Witt, Bristol-Myers Squibb