Lewis Hassell



How long have you been a member of the DPA and what first attracted to you to the Association?

I've been a DPA member since 2009, when I attended my first PathVisions conference. That meeting was unlike any I had previously attended, just for the diversity of interests and backgrounds that it brought together. I found that very energizing and I began to see fairly quickly the ways that I could contribute. It was an opportune time in that regard, but yet, I think the number of opportunities just continues to expand as the reach of digital pathology, and now AI expands further.


What do you enjoy most about the DPA?

I really enjoy the pro-active role that DPA has taken in the field, and the chances for engagement that presents to membership. For example, the development of DAPA was an ambitious undertaking that required a lot of volunteer effort, as well as expertise, but in the matter of a few months it seemed, the tool was up and running and adding value to the educational landscape. Now it is moving even further forward to reach more trainees and pathologists worldwide as an educational venue where the utility of digital slides for learning pathology can be seen. Having been a part of the education committee has allowed me to see first hand the very collaborative and collegial nature of the membership, facilitated by excellent administrative support.