Reimbursement Task Force



The purpose of the Digital Pathology Association Reimbursement Task Force is to support the market access of digital pathology solutions globally and drive the value of whole slide imaging (WSI) and AI-based algorithms. The key objectives of the task force are:

  • Drive and shape the model for reimbursement for WSI and AI-based image analysis
  • Support increased market access for DP solutions globally
  • Be the trusted resource (single point of contact) for reimbursement/market access issues for digital pathology
  • Create uniformity in communication around reimbursement for digital pathology solutions
  • Map the reimbursement environment globally and set the strategy for DPA influence

Participation in this Task Force is open to Benefactor member representatives only.

Committee Members


Michael Rivers, Roche (Chair)


Scott Blakely, Hamamatsu

Camille Grubbs, Hologic

Martin Kristensson, Visiopharm

Carla Leibowitz, Paige

Patrick Myles, Huron Digital Pathology

Jennifer Samboy, Philips

Beth Sheppard, Roche

David Wamble, Bristol Myers Squibb

John Wellbank, Epredia