Technician | Technologist



Annual membership dues are $50 and renew at the end of each year.
If an individual joins as a member on or after September 1st, their membership expiration will be 12/31 of the following year.





All Technician/Technologist Members will receive the following benefits with membership in the DPA:
- Discounted registration fees for Pathology Visions, the Annual Meeting of the DPA
- Complimentary registration for DPA webinars
- Access to the DPA Member Community website

- Access to DPA Collaborate (connect, engage, learn, and share with peers)

- Access to 100’s of past Pathology Visions presentations, seminar presentations, & webinar recordings

- Opportunity to participate in Committee and Task Force activities and meetings
- Ability to nominate individuals for positions on Committees and Task Forces
- Opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration and networking
- Ability to join industry-specific special interest groups
- Opportunity to present your digital pathology expertise and / or experiences at DPA member meetings
- Ability to attend and participate in product demonstrations at DPA events
- Option to participate in DPA group marketing events and trade shows, roundtables and special promotions


The Board of Directors, at its discretion, may change membership categories, dues, and/or benefits per the Bylaws.