"The 2017 Pathology Visions conference in San Diego, which was my first, was an amazing learning/networking experience. The presentations were highly informative and the workshops really well put together. It is not only for those highly trained in the field of digital pathology, but for the general audience as well. It allows for anyone interested in the field to get an overview of digital pathology and how to incorporate it into one’s own personal research/clinical interests. Having a particularly strong interest in deep learning, I was impressed with the depth that the presentations (both oral and poster) and workshops went into. I am really looking forward to the next Pathology Visions conference and I highly recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest in the field…you will not be disappointed." - Daryoush Saeed-Vafa, MD, Moffitt Cancer Center

"No other digital pathology conference has the depth and engagement opportunities as Pathology Visions. Learn about barriers to adoption, cutting edge research applications, and FDA regulatory issues. This year, a large number of presenters are from overseas, providing a global perspective to the digital discourse. This conference is the one you need to attend if you are serious about whole slide imaging and digital pathology." - Eric Glassy, MD, Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group (APMG)

"As an annual attendee of Pathology Visions, I consider 2015’s meeting the most exciting yet.  While the primary focus continued to be on clinical workflows, education, and image analysis, the diversity of the presentations expanded in 2015 to include a wide variety of topics that covered just about everything from practical use to basic science discovery.  The meeting not only provided attendees with an array of interesting presentations with broad appeal to the pathology community as a whole, but also served as a survey of technological advancement and its potential in diagnostics, detection, and information systems.  Pathology Visions 2015 cemented my view that this is a must-attend meeting for pathologists, trainees, and technicians alike." - Mark Zarella, PhD, Drexel University College of Medicine

"Pathology Visions is the ideal venue for anyone interested in learning more about real-world, practical applications of digital pathology. The meeting enables one to meet and network with various industry and academic leaders. It’s also the best possible place to preview many of the cutting-edge, commercially available digital pathology solutions. I look forward to the next meeting." - Navid Farahani, MD, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 

"My experience at the 2015 Pathology Visions Conference would simply not be possible without the generosity of the sponsors and ultimately the travel awards. With my deep invested interest in the field of digital pathology/informatics, I was able to present two platform presentations and a poster presentation on the work that I am currently in the process of publishing. With the field growing so rapidly, and so many developments being made, it was very uplifting to see the leaders of the field presenting on their accomplishments, including tools that were used to overcome their challenges. Also, speaking with and networking between the other residents, fellows, junior, and senior faculty has led me to make new friendships that I am still in contact with (and planning projects with). The vendors are also a great way to see what new technology is available in the field, and give tools/options/work arounds for the pathbyte community to bring back to our respective hospital systems. Overall, I hope to be at every Pathology Visions Conference in the future, because it honestly just feels like home, where everyone seems to get how the future of our field should (and will) be." - Matthew Hanna, MD, The Mount Sinai Hospital 

"I had a wonderful educational experience at the 2015 Pathology Visions Conference in Boston, MA. As a pathology resident in a small program, I unfortunately haven't had many experiences with digital pathology, although the interest has always been high. The Pathology Visions Conference provided valuable supplemental education to my residency training. I was able to attend numerous interesting lectures and meet colleagues with shared interests, while learning much about the current state and future directions of digital pathology. Overall, the 2015 Pathology Visions Conference was a very valuable educational experience and one of the most interesting conferences I have attended." - Chad Hruska, MD, University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine - Knoxville