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Anil Parwani, MD, PhD, Ohio State University; 2021 DPA President


Esther Abels, Visiopharm; 2022 DPA President


Andrew Evans, MD, PhD, Mackenzie Health


Bindu Challa, Ohio State University


Jasmine Caballero & Cynthia Duran, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara 


VadaszAll aspects of pathology visions 21 were fantastic. I learned cutting edge information from the incredible speakers which gave me new insight into where the field of digital pathology is headed. I was able to network and form connection with other residents, attending pathologists and vendors in industry. I left the conference feeling inspired to continue my research in machine learning and motivated to help push my institution from glass to digital pathology. - Brian Vadasz, MD, MSc, Resident, Northwestern University




TageldinWhen I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in computational pathology in 2016, I did so because I was inspired to see a future where digital and computational tools revolutionize the clinical practice of anatomic pathology. Back then, this seemed like a very long-term vision; I was worried that computational pathology would remain a niche academic pursuit for tens of years. I was very wrong! Just over five years later, digital scanners are increasingly used for primary diagnosis and there's an FDA-approved algorithm for computer-aided diagnosis of prostatic carcinoma! The theme of Pathology Visions is "The future is here" -- indeed! There were so many great talks; I often had difficulty deciding between attending the concurrent clinical versus academic tracks! I had the wonderful opportunity to network with many of the influential academic, industrial, and regulatory stakeholders in digital pathology. The conference was extremely informative and well-organized, and I commend the organizing committee for bringing this together so seamlessly despite the difficulties of the COVID pandemic. I look forward to attending Pathology Visions again and again in the future. - Mohamed Amgad, MD, MSc, PhD Student; Northwestern University


TulmanI attended Pathology Visions for the first time in 2017, an exciting year because news of the FDA approval for the first WSI system for primary diagnosis was fresh. At the time I was a PhD student (taking advantage of the free membership and conference ticket) seeking to determine if my work in microscopy had a place in the digital pathology space. I did not know anyone prior to attending the conference, and was thrilled when some of the world's key opinion leaders proactively approached me for introductions and conversations. This felt welcoming in an otherwise intimidating situation, and the coolest thing was that the most famous attendees were accessible to everyone (which rarely happens at other conferences). After my first PV experience, I ended up pursuing a start-up venture in the DP space, and have since attended PV multiple times. Now that I have an industry perspective, I still think the DPA and the conference do a fantastic job of fostering vendor-academic collaborations. - David Tulman, PhD, Instapath

"No other digital pathology conference has the depth and engagement opportunities as Pathology Visions. This conference is the one you need to attend if you are serious about whole slide imaging and digital pathology." - Eric Glassy, MD, Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group (APMG)