How Has Digital Pathology Helped Hospitals and Labs in the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Now, more than ever, it is important that the Pathology professional community (i.e. pathologists, trainees, lab personnel) come together to help define future policies for telemedicine that directly impact the field of pathology and can do so by sharing their experience; specifically in, 1) the use of digital pathology, including remote-use, and 2) the use of computational pathology, such as AI tools geared to aid and support pathologists in their clinical work. 

The DPA Encourages, Urges the Pathology Community (Hospital and Anatomic Pathology Laboratories) Across the Globe to Share their Data!

The DPA is taking the lead in collecting and collating real world data on the deployment and use of digital pathology; more specifically the remote use for review of pathology cases review of pathology cases during the emergency state.  The overarching goal is to show evidence-based data that supports and validates the safety and benefits of digital pathology and remote use to make the now temporary policies, permanent policies – click here for more information.

In collaboration with our DPA members, KOL, industry partners, and other entities such as CAP and the Alliance of Digital Pathology, the DPA has launched a survey to capture your experience with digital pathology and remote use.  It is the first critical step in seeking permanent approvals and long-term change that will drastically change how digital and computational pathology is regulated beyond the pandemic.  In our ongoing discussions with the FDA, they have requested for more evidence, your data, to further ensure the safety and benefits of digital pathology for remote use.  In response, we’re helping compile this information to demonstrate just how important and impactful digital pathology has been in advancing pathology worldwide.

We want to hear about your experience, lessons learned, technology being used, validation processes, and metrics being monitored.  Has this helped your hospital/laboratory continue clinical operations? Is this something your institution hopes to implement permanently long term?  This information will help our discussions with the FDA and other regulatory agencies to help determine future policies for digital and computational pathology.

Please see link below for survey; it should take 5-10 mins to complete, and results from the survey will be shared!

We look forward to hearing from you! 

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” — Winston Churchill
“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.” — Theodore Roosevelt

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